Property Minding Service

£54 inc VAT per visit

Whether you are having an extended holiday, waiting for a sale or let to complete, unable to attend your rental property due to illness or isolation, or simply not living in your property for a while, Wills & Smerdon can offer you the peace of mind that your home is being looked after by property professionals.  An empty property can be vulnerable and should be checked, especially during the winter months. Insurance companies will require that an empty property is inspected internally and recorded at least once every 7 days throughout the year.

Our Property Minding Service includes:

  • Key holding service
  • Weekly visits to check property both externally and internally (in the winter months central heating systems checked ) Security systems checked. A report is emailed to you weekly and a visit log kept inside the property
  • Collect and forward post
  • Taking regular meter readings and advise utility companies if required
  • Liaising with trusted neighbours
  • Organising gardening/cleaning/routine maintenance if required
  • House plants watered if required
  • 24 hour emergency cover
  • Monthly/Quarterly statements as preferred


Once you know you will be vacating your property, you need to:

  1. Instruct Wills & Smerdon to provide Property Minding Service and provide set of keys and working float
  2. Advise your insurance company of intention to leave your property and ad vise us of any conditions
  3. Remove valuables (or move out of sight of windows)/ security mark remaining valuables/register valuables with www.immobilise.com
  4. Ensure property and outbuildings are secure – all windows, doors, external gates etc to be locked (remove keys from inside locks)
  5. Make the property look occupied – timers on lights/radio for example
  6. Cancel regular deliveries (milk, papers, wine)
  7. Advise trusted neighbours of your departure and that W&S will be looking after the property
  8. Contact local police and advise them the property will be vacant and W&S are your nominated contact
  9. Advise Neighbourhood Watch
  10. Ensure garden is kept tidy and wheelie bins stored away
  11. Provide utility company details if appropriate
  12. Do not announce your departure on social media!

Then sit back and relax!

Request for Wills & Smerdon to begin the Property Minding Service and all other services as set out in this Agreement during the cancellation period:

I/We hereby give notice that I/We request you to begin to mind our property in line with the services as set out in this Agreement

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Insert date these terms were signed
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

If you have signed the above and subsequently you exercise your right to cancel you shall pay us an amount which is in proportion to the work we have done until you have communicated to us your cancellation.

Cancellation Form

If you decide to cancel this contract during the Cancellation Period you must do so in writing by carrying out one of the actions below:

Complete and return the attached Cancellation Notice by hand delivery, first class post, or email to Wills and Smerdon, 6 Station Parade, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6QN. Email lettings@willsandmserdon.co.uk

This can be at any time within the Cancellation Period;


Provide the same details in writing to Wills and Smerdon 6 Station Parade, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6QN within the Cancellation Period

Your Cancellation Notice takes effect as soon as it is posted or sent.

If you would like to know more about your rights you can contact your local Trading Standards Department, or your nearest Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


I/We hereby give notice that I/We cancel my/our contract for the service as set out in these terms of business.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Insert date these terms were signed
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


More Landlord Legislation: Here

Property Minding Service Terms and Conditions

1 – Insurance Standard household and landlord insurance policies do not allow for periods of unoccupancy other than holidays. If your property is to be left unoccupied for periods in excess of 30 days, insurance companies will require an empty property to be inspected internally and the visit recorded at least once every seven days. You will need to inform your insurance company that your property will be empty. Please advise us of any conditions your insurance company insist upon to ensure compliance with the policy. If your insurance company will not cover you during a vacant period, we use a specialist insurance broker, based in our Ripley office, who can offer expert advice on appropriate alternative cover.

2 – Working fund A minimum working fund of up to £500 is to be held by us at all times to enable us to meet expenditure. We may request that the working fund is replenished as necessary. Funds can be transferred to us by BACS/CHAPS, telegraphic transfer or paid by cheque.

3 – Fees The charge for our Property Minding Service is £45 plus VAT per week. All invoices will be deducted from the working fund and we will contact you when further funds are required. Monthly statements will be forwarded to you.

4 – Property visits & defects We will carry out visits to the property every week to assess the general condition of the property both internally and externally. It should be noted that we are not responsible for any hidden or latent defects. We will check that the central heating and security systems are working. A weekly/quarterly visit report will be forwarded by email or letter for your information.

6 – Additional services If we are required to carry out additional services (key cutting, waiting at properties, etc) an hourly fee may be applicable. These charges are available on request.

7 – Utilities If requested, we will pay ground rents, service charges, Council Tax, water rates (where applicable) and any other costs that are due by you and account to you within the monthly/quarterly statement. To enable us to make these payments you must instruct the various parties to send all bills to us. Please note that utility companies will only take instructions from the actual account holder. We will question any apparent discrepancies but we are unable to accept liability for any disputes of overpayments made on bills, which appear to be in order.

8 – Post We can collect and forward mail to a nominated address, this will be charged at standard Royal Mail rates.

9 – Keys We require one full set of keys and alarm/gate codes (if applicable) 10 Notice to terminate Please note that we will require 14 day’s written notice to cease the Property Minding Service, unless a fixed term of attendance has been agreed.

10 – Notice to terminate Please note that we will require 14 day’s written notice to cease the Property Minding Service, unless a fixed term of attendance has been agreed.