The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety Amendment) Regulations 1993

This is an important legal requirement, and not following it could result in serious injury or even death for tenants.

Since the legislation was changed in 1993, all Landlords NEED to make sure that all furniture is fire resistant and complies with current regulations. If it does not, you could be liable for prosecution.

Please remember that, even if you store items in a shed, garage or cordoned-off section of the loft, these items MUST still adhere to the legislation and it is NO GOOD ‘selling’ the items to the tenant, they still HAVE TO COMPLY with this legislation.

Please ensure that the following items comply, and have a safety label STILL ATTACHED (unless stated otherwise).

All Items which must comply

  • For those items without a compliance label, receipts showing purchase date for all items manufactured after 1 March 1989:
  • Furniture intended for private use in dwellings including children’s furniture
  • Beds, headboards and mattresses (mattresses & bed bases do not require the label to be attached but must still comply)
  • Sofa beds and futons
  • Nursery furniture
  • Garden furniture, if suitable for use in a dwelling
  • Scatter cushions and seat pads (do not require the label to be attached but must still comply)
  • Pillows (do not require the label to be attached but must still comply)